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Pastor Adam Boesken

Upon being called and led into ministry by the Lord, I began to pursue education and service that would aid in reaching that calling. I have a M.Div. in theology from the Liberty University Baptist Theological Seminary. My prior experience includes serving as Sunday School Superintendent, Bible teacher of various ages, guest speaking, and preaching assignments at The King's Church (West Chester, OH). 


I have lived in southeastern Indiana since 1997. My beautiful wife, Lauren and I married in 2011. We have been blessed with three wonderful sons since that time. The Lord has certainly been very good to us.


In serving as the Senior Pastor of Sunman Community Church, it is my hope that the church will continue to grow not only in number, but also in love and unity. My prayer is that each of us will live a life that consists of purposefully sharing the Gospel and showing the love of Christ through serving others. We welcome you to join us on this journey of service to God!


                  -Pastor Adam Boesken

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